Monday, 3 August 2015

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #2

Technically, that should be "Things That Made Me Happy Last Week" but we're just going to ignore that and get stuck in. 

As always, a nod to lovely, lovely Ellie Lit Nerd.

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1.  Charcuterie, Pinot Noir and old friends.  When I get busy, the first thing I try to do is retreat and limit my exposure to the outside world where I can.  Last Thursday, though, I ignored my inner quiet girl and went out and drank delicious wine and ate some wonderful hams, cheese and bread in one of my favourite bars in Leeds with a friend I haven't seen in about a year.  It was so, so much fun - we gossiped and giggled and I had such a nice time. My Friday morning run suffered a little but it was worth it.

2.  A weekend at home.  We had a break this weekend and actually managed to spend the whole weekend in and around our home.  I spent 5 hours cleaning the house from top to bottom and catching up on the chores I haven't had time for, we visited our local pub and our local Indian restaurant and generally relaxed.  The power of home is never to be underestimated.

3.  Finishing a book.  I bemoaned in my last post that I hadn't finished a book since the end of May.  On Saturday, that spell broke and I finished The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz.  Sure, it was a book club book that I finished about two weeks after the "meeting" but I enjoyed it and I FINISHED IT so I don't feel as though I've missed out, really.

4.  Sister time.  One of the other (many) consequences of being away a lot has been a significant lack of family time.  On Saturday, my little sister visited - we shopped and chattered away the day before going for some vegetarian Mexican street food and a cheeky glass of wine (or three).  Spending time with her was marvellous and the tostadas were a bonus. 

5.  WEDDING!  I couldn't go without mentioning the first of my bridesmaid stints.  Catering to the whims of two brides at once hasn't been easy but the day came and it was beautiful.  I cried about a hundred times and it was such a fabulous day.  The couple are our best friends and being part of their wedding (I was a bridesmaid and Boyfriend was the Best Man) was something special and made every painstakingly made wedding favour and dress-pinning session absolutely worth it.

Let's #sharethehappy!

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