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Gone Reading...

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After a seemingly endless time since Christmas, it's finally time for me to say that's it's holiday time.  I'm at work tomorrow and then on Tuesday morning, Boyfriend and I head off to Italy for 9 days of food, wine and cathedrals.  This will be our second trip to Italy and will see us visit Milan, Lake Garda and Bologna  We have a little bit of chill out time sandwiched in between two city breaks and I couldn't be more excited!  As with every time we've been on holiday, we've left it slightly too long and we're both a bit frayed at the edges, over-tired and desperately in need of some sun.

Luggage constraints mean that I can't take my current read (Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon), which is tremendously disappointing because I'm really enjoying it.  Still, I have tons of books on my Kindle that are just crying out to be read so I'm not exactly about to be hard done by.  My top few picks on my Kindle are so far looking like this...

A bit of fantasy, a bit of a mystery and a bit of...something else.  I obviously might arrive and decide that I don't want to read any of these and that will be just fine.  I'll mainly be bumbling around and just reading whatever I fancy at the time.  Either way, I love you all and hope you all have a super bookish fortnight!


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