Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Forgotten Excitement

Here's how it went:

I'm stood in the kitchen, brewing coffee and making cheese-on-toast (the perfect cure to one too many fizzy pops of a Friday evening...) listening to a cooking programme chattering away on TV in the living room. Interrupted by a...


Figuring that my boyfriend had helpfully thrown something on the floor, I scuffled my slipper-clad feet back through and instead saw a lovely little package by the front door in the hall.

I'd almost forgotten that I had hastily ordered a book on Amazon during a lunch hour this week and there it was!

As I broke into the little package, I realised that I'd actually missed that moment where a book arrives on your doormat to brighten up your morning! I still love Colin the eReader dearly but that little bundle of joy made me remember one of the best things about the 'real deal' - it's weighty clunk on my floor was just a bit more fun than my computer beeping at I'm in no way advocating an abandonment of my little eBooks but, yeh, ok, it's a pleasant start to a quiet weekend at home :-)

Oh, and the book in question was exciting too: Heartless by Gail Carriger - the newly-released fourth Alexia Tarrabotti novel - yesssssss!