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Read-A-Thon Round-Up

This was my first Read-A-Thon and I had high hopes but, because I had an inkling that things would be busy during the week, I didn't post my ambitions at the start. Just in case I fell way short and looked silly...

I actually feel like it went quite well for my first one, although I was less than great at ignoring everything but the page! Distractions included: the arrival (and subsequent un-flat-packing) of our long awaited dining room furniture; a 'neglected' boyfriend and the birth of my godparents' daughter's itsy bitsy baby boy...

I managed, however, to finish and review John Connolly's The Book of Lost Things and finish Rachel Caine's Glass Houses (Book 1 of the Morganville Vampire series), which I will hopefully be able to review later tonight. I also made a start on Shadowlands by Rhiannon Lassiter so I'm rather jolly about it all :)

I know that might seem meagre to those of you who get through way more than that but two books a week (particularly this week!) is good enough for me - longer working hours and tiredness are my excuses, if you need them...

Hope all the other participants had great reading weeks - I can't wait to see what everyone else managed!!

Thanks as ever to Michelle @ The True Book Addict for hosting!!
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