Thursday, 29 July 2010

Fire (and a distinct lack of hopping..)

I'm nearly finished with Fire by Kristin Cashore and I'm completely loving it! I'd heard that it was different from Graceling, Cashore's first novel (which I reviewed here) and this made me a bit hesitant, but I needn't have worried. It's fantastic!

The prologue re-introduces a character from the first novel that was really underdeveloped and, although he has definitely got a mega creepiness about him, is fascinating to read about and builds on his background. Not only did it reassure me that this story was a prequel of sorts (because otherwise I would never have guessed), it deals with some of the questions I had after the first - perfect!

Early assessment: I would recommend this as highly as I recommended Graceling - it is definitely a light read but this one is far more broad in its themes and scope and like a cross between my two favourite genres - historical fiction and fantasy fiction - perfect!

So I've got two long train journeys this weekend while visiting (and coming home from) my parents' which means less blogging but more reading, which is a decent trade as far as I'm concerned! Also, no hop...

Have a great time those of you who take part and an awesome weekend - I'll be reviewing with a vengeance on Sunday!


  1. Enjoy your weekend!

    When you're back pls stop by my blog to pick up a Versatile Blogger award I have waiting for you. I really enjoy your blog.

    Cheers, Bonnie

  2. How exciting! My very first blog award!

    I've checked out your post and I'm working on my lists of facts and blogs to collect it - thanks ever so much :)